Tuesday, 6 September 2016

There was a man called Luke

Who lived his whole life in the small village of Hayfield, Derbyshire. 
In the 1851 census Luke is recorded as

Gender Male
Age 9
Year Of Birth 1842

Occupation SCHOLAR


As there were two hamlets near each other, both called Hayfield, in those days it was called the Great Hamlet.
In 1861 and unusually Luke is recorded as
Occupation BOOK BINDER

Most ordinary folk in those days were farm labourers or mill workers (calico & printing).

Luke had brothers, John, Esau & Luther (note the biblical names).

1871 finds Luke living in CHURCH STREET. 

By 1881 his given Occupation is STATIONER & NEWS AGENT

He became a well-known and well-respected town worthy, serving the community for many years, 

October 1896 the Sheffield Daily Telegraph has a report of some Sheffield Ramblers who made their way by train to Hayfield intending to walk over Kinder to the Inn on the Snake Pass. 
"Hayfield is a grey, straggling place, snugly ensconced amongst many sheltering hills. Starting on our exhilarating walk, with a guide thoughtfully provided by Mr. Luke to prevent unwary trespassing." 


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